Saturday, January 31, 2009

Nothing going on here

Last Sunday, Cooper was sitting quietly on top of his book bin, just reading away. A few minutes later, he was walking around the kitchen and dining room. John walked back through the family room , and asked me why was there dirt on the floor. Of course, my response "I don't know."

I then look over at Cooper, and begin to wonder why he has a wet spot on his behind. Further investigation revealed a stench, and more "dirt" on the floor. John quickly took him upstairs where it took a bath to fully clean him. We still couldn't figure out what was on the floor. Finally it dawned on me, Cooper had eaten several servings of carrots ("dirt") the day before.

I just hope he didn't eat any. Thank goodness my first reaction was to laugh. What else can you really do?

Friday, January 30, 2009

Cooper Firsts

Lots of first things happening in the last week or so.

One of Cooper's favorite things to do is "cleaning". He loves the sweeper, Dyson, broom, or anything else he can find. Hopefully, this behavior will continue for a very long time.

January 20, 2009: I took Cooper in to see the doctor before his tubes went in last week. He waved bye bye to the nurses when I started walking away. Maybe he wanted to be nice to them for once not giving him a shot.

January 21, 2009: Cooper was sitting on the floor playing that night. John walked in the back door. Cooper looked up at him, and said "Dada." The first time, unprompted and unscripted.

January 22, 2009: Cooper measured at 33" tall today. That puts him at just below the 100th percentile. That would make him the normal size of a 21 month old. He sooo tall.

January 25, 2009: Aunt K came over and put her keys on the coffee table. The little guy walked right over to them, picked them up, and then took them right to the door knob. He watches everything.

January 28, 2009: Not really sure what possessed him to crawl over the supports of the chair. Notice that just his hand is touching.

January 30, 2009: He was very talkative this morning. Saying dog and pointing to the dogs on the way to the car. He kept saying shew in the car. I was a little slow and realized he meant shoe when he had hold of this shoe. He even responded correctly when I asked him where his other one was.

I decided to push it a little more to see what he would do. I asked him where his nose was, and he actually pointed to his nose. He giggled all the way into daycare pointing at his nose.

He is an amazing little guy.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Ear Tubes for the Big Guy

Cooper arrived for his ear tube procedure with an entourage: Aunt K, Dr. C, Mom and Dad. Other than being a little cranky because he wasn't allowed to have food, he was in pretty good spirits. Maybe it was the two cups of pedialyte fron earlier in the morning.

Cooper making a fashion statement in his hospital-issued gown. The pants were draw-string and didn't stay up very well on the baby belly. We had to tuck the legs into his socks because they we so long.

Hours after the procedure, he was running laps around the house, happy as he could be. I didn't think it was possible for him to be any happier than he normally is, but he has been super happy. Maybe being able to hear without pain and pressure is helping.

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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Morning playdate

a playland & coffee spot for pre-schoolers & their parents!

I took Cooper on a playdate to this place today. Of course I forgot to take any pictures. He had a great time and got some energy out since it has been too cold to go outside. The nice thing about this place is that it is simple (gym equipment, toys), and no wild themes. When he saw the gym equipment and little slide, he ahhhed. I think his playdate liked it too, she was not quite ready for the bigger equipment yet but had a great time in the infant area.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Cooper loves his Christmas book

Cooper is enthralled with this Christmas book he got last year from my cousin. All day long, he keeps flipping the pages and "reading" to himself. He got tickled with the jack-in-the-box page, and wouldn't let John turn the page.

As I tried to put him to bed tonight, I had to hide the hand broom. He would not got to bed until the broom was out of his sight. Cooper is fascinated with cleaning implements, especially brooms, swiffers, and the like. When I use the vacuum, he follows me around smiling at me, or maybe the vacuum. My friends swear that he likes these things because he is mimicking me. John thinks it's just in his genes. All I can say is "Give that boy a broom, and let him have at it."
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Neat ideas for projects with your little ones.

Make and Takes

Thursday, January 1, 2009

How Cooper welcomed in the New Year

John, Cooper, & I wish a Happy New Year to everyone.

We spent a great evening with some friends who allowed us to sleepover so Cooper could be involved in the festivities. He was enthralled with a stuffed bear at their house that sang "Don't Worry Be Happy" with lips that moved.

He didn't quite make it to midnight. Actually he conked out about 8:30. I think we should have followed his lead. Maybe next year.
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