Monday, November 28, 2011

Oh my smokes

As Cooper and I were driving around town tonight, we took a detour to see a few houses with crazy Christmas lights.  I got a picture of one house until my phone decided to eat it.

Cooper was so excited that he exclaimed "oh my smokes."  I tried to correct him to "Holy Smokes," but he was insistent on his way.  I think I like his version better.  Have you seen anything lately that made you want to say "oh my smokes?"


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Stay Home Day

It's almost always interesting in our house.

Cooper and I had a "stay home day" as he calls it.  We started the morning out with him telling me to rock the baby.  He then told me to not hold the baby so tight.  Then we had to feed the baby.

Obviously, the baby likes cheerios and craisins and is wearing his Thanksgiving hat.

While I was starting the Thanksgiving cooking, I heard some commotion down the street that Cooper would enjoy.

When I was making dressing, I noticed it was terribly quiet in the house.  And I found this ...

It's already been a long day, and it's not even noon.  After he got this straightened out, I went up in our attic to hunt for some baby items for my little sis.  When I came down, I found this ....

Yes, that is a giant wad of fur on the floor.  Poor Ben, because Cooper tried to vacuum him next.  When will I learn to not leave unsupervised at all times? He eventually took a nap so I was able to accomplish a couple of things.

A dressed turkey, screwed-up mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce made, and another trip to the grocery store for more potatoes later, we both survived the day.

Well, one of us did.  Here's wishing everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving Day tomorrow.


Sunday, November 20, 2011

Who is pushing who?

I am still trying to keep up with running.  Some days are more of a challenge than other ... like the days I have to push this guy in the stroller.  Thank goodness for the BOB, but I think Cooper should be pushing me.

We haven't hit the weight limit yet for the stroller, but it may be near the end for me pushing him unless I seriously bulk up.


Pizza Love

Cooper and I had a homemade pizza adventure.  I let him pitch in after I tossed the dough.  He had a great time piling the toppings on high.

Someone is a definite cheese hound.

I never know what I am going to find next.

 At least he is super cute.  And the pizza was great.


Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Reluctant Skater

Someone was not excited about his first skating lesson.

He did eventually get on the ice, but spent most of the lesson in a petrified state.

 Hopefully, it will get better with some practice.


Thanksgiving Planning

So I haven't cooked Thanksgiving dinner by myself since 2004.  It hit me yesterday that I don't have the first thing planned.  Today, I finally unpacked the box that contained the cookbook with my turkey recipe, and I was finally able to find it online once I knew the correct name of the recipe.  Yes, the box was from our move in 2007. 

Here's the menu so far:
Oregano-Coriander-Rubbed Turkey 
My Mom's Sausage Dressing (unless she overnights me some ... hint, hint)
Cranberry Sauce with Apple Cider
Mashed Potatoes
Cinnamon Glazed Carrots (because Cooper loves them)
Something green, maybe a broccoli or asparagus dish
Pumpkin Pie

What does you Turkey Day menu look like?

What traditions does your family have at Thanksgiving?


Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Birthday Continues

The good and bad thing about not living in the same city as your family is that you never know when a package is going to arrive.  Cooper got to continue his birthday celebration with packages the next weekend from Aunt L and Nana and Papa.

 Look at these presents.  Thanks Aunt L!

 If you can find finger lights, I highly recommend them.  He has been enthralled with them for hours.

 Not sure if we will get enough snow for this toy, but I bet he and his Dad will try.

This package kept him so entertained, I made him wait until the next day to open the second and then I forgot to take any pictures.  Thankfully, the grandparents keep us stocked in clothes, but we all know what kids think when they open gifts of clothes.  Cooper cracked me up with this one because it had a bright yellow and navy shirt with gym pants.  He took one look at it and said "That's a cool shirt."  The kid has style.


The Artist

I love that we are progressing to people in the pictures, but scared to ask which one I am in this family portrait.


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Cooper's Fourth Birthday

We did actually celebrate his birthday on the right day. I am just a little slow in getting it posted.

So Cooper, you are really into 4s on your 4th birthday.  You are 44" tall and 44 lbs.  I've learned to stop asking where you are on the growth chart, well because we all know the answer.  Your eyesight is 20/10, and I am hoping you take after your Dad and stay that way.  You are independent, funny, and stubborn.  We could do with a little less of the third one.  You ask a million questions a day, every day.

Your favorite things right now are: Batman; Spiderman; anything Star Wars, but specifically your Dad's action figures; rocks; transformers; matchbox cars; and always your blankets.  You are ALL boy, but still a great cuddler.  You walk around humming the theme song to Star Wars, which I am so happy about (insert sarcasm) but your Dad just loves.

One of my favorite things that you do is how you say goodbye or goodnight.  Before I leave you at school and after a hug and a kiss and two high fives, you tell me "Make sure you have a great day Mommy."  Just melts my heart.  And before you go to bed, it's always "I love you Mommy.  Make sure you have great dreams."  You are one awesome dude.  Happy 4th Birthday!


Saturday, November 5, 2011

Birthday Party Time

For Cooper's birthday, we went to an indoor soccer facility. The kids had fun running around and playing games with a coach before they settled into pizza and cake.



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