Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Thrills

Cooper's third Halloween was a success.

 "Where do we go first?  Where are the other kids?  I've got my punkin."

Look at those little buns.  I couldn't resist that one. He did hug most of the people handing out candy while saying thank you.  It was very sweet, and think he made lots of friends with the neighbors.

He did really well, even with a visit to the spooky house on the block.

He made it all the way around the block and even asked to go to a couple more houses.  The mask stayed on except for when he was showing people he was Cooper, not Spiderman, under the costume.  The highlight of his loot was when he got to pick a lollipop.  He asked if he could have it when we got home.  I told him he could pick one piece.  "Mommy, I would like my lollipop."  I have to remember this in ten years when he barely grunts an answer at me.

The lollipop was done (he actually threw part of it away because he was done).  He asked for a couple of pretzels, and then said he needed a "rest."  I would definitely call it a success.


Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pre-Halloween Happenings

We had some company for pre-Halloween happenings this year.  My sister and her family came to visit.  My two nephews are great with Cooper. 

 We had a little craft time making candy corn characters.

We went to a family festival at a local park.  I didn't get a good picture of the costume winners, Lucy and Summer.  The boys dressed their dogs up as a devil and an angel.  The costumes fit their personalities to a tee.

He loved getting the guts out.

The finished products with lots of smiles.


Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fall Festival Fun

We went on a little walk down to the neighborhood church/school.  Cooper was introduced to a giant, inflatable slide.  It took him a few minutes to warm-up to the idea ... and watching the big kids helped.


Friday, October 22, 2010

Punkin Patch

Cooper's class went to visit the same pumpkin patch as last year.  He was very excited to have both J and I there.  And Cooper's day was made by being able to hang out with his best friend, Bella.

Can you see me?

Hey lady. What's your name?

Don't let this spider get me.

Papa would love this one, even if it's not a Deere.

I'm so glad she shares. (I love the folded arms.)


Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Ladies Man

J, K, and I took Cooper to O'Toole's tonight for dinner.  We didn't get seated in Cooper's favorite waitress' section, but she did come by the table shortly after to great "Super Cooper."  They have this funny face routine that she does and Cooper falls over himself laughing and flirting with her.

Well, he was on top of his game tonight.  She told him he was a cutie.  With a little prompting from J, Cooper told her she was a hottie.  Then, completely on his own, he leans in and asks her "What's your name?"

Oh boy!

Then he asks her for her digits (with help from Dad).  I am in so much trouble.

By this point, our waitress is standing at the table and Cooper starts flirting with her too.  When they walked away, Cooper asked "Where did my ladies go?"

He did share some hugs and kisses before we left.  Everyone was a smiles, Cooper and his ladies.


Saturday, October 16, 2010

Wonder where we spent the afternoon?

We attempted to spend a beautiful afternoon at a neighborhood fall festival, but it was rather boring, so I let J pick the next stop.

The boys had a great time exploring all the boy toys.  And we had a very tired crew by the time we headed home.


Monday, October 11, 2010

The Name Game

Cooper singing, "It's time to play the name game, the name game.  What's your name?"

Me, thinking about saying Jill, but thought it might confuse him, so I said, "Mommy."

Cooper singing, "Your name is Mommy, Mommy, Mommy.  No Mommy, your name is Jill."

Me, "How did you know that?"

Cooper, "Daddy told me.  And his name is John."

He has is it all figured out.


Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sunday at the Park

 Don't you wish you had that balance?

 Doing what boys do best at parks.  Collect sticks.

 "No Mommy.  I'm not putting my hand in the water."

"See.  It's just the stick."

But he did work up a great appetite for bbq.  J was quite proud of him devouring a good amount of food.


Friday, October 8, 2010

Marshmallows Anyone?

Cooper, J, and I spent a little time around the fire pit this weekend ... with a large bag of marshmallows.

A little cuddle time with Mom.

Now, I am ready to go.  Too bad it's my bedtime.



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