Thursday, March 4, 2010

Conversations with Cooper

On the way to school, this is the story as told by Cooper. He is holding a spatula. "I gotta spatula."

"I cooking."

"I cooking waffles."

How am I going to explain to him that he doesn't need a spatula to make waffles? Maybe another day.


So on the way home that night, we are waiting at a stoplight. A policeman pulls over a car. Cooper exclaims, "Pretty ites mama." Somehow, I don't think that driver thought those lights were too pretty.


And finally, "I see a big farm mama."

Now keep in mind that there are no farms between daycare and our house. So I ask him, "What else do you see Cooper?"

"I see a cow. I see a pig."

"What does a pig say?"


Must be a sick pig.

It's never dull with that little guy.


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