Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

It was great seeing Cooper enjoy his Easter basket and the egg hunt.  It does make me realize that I want him to know more about Easter than the bunny and the chocolate, so we will be working on that this year.  Anyway, he did have a great time, even if I was the Mom who gave her child an Easter basket without any candy in it.  Grammy to the rescue with just the right amount.

Office Spud accessories for "Tato Head".

One of those crazy grow to 600% of original size rabbits.

Spending a little quiet time with Dad at the sandbox.

Don't worry, Officer Spud kept everything under control.

A man on an egg hunt mission. Look at how serious that expression is.

Making sure all the eggs end up in the right basket. Actually, he was very good with sharing.

Wrapping up the hunt.

We had a great day with family. So fortunate to have them close by.  If you would like a blast from the past, check out last year's posts Egg Hunt and Bunny Cake, or how about this one from his first Easter.


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