Sunday, November 7, 2010

3rd Birthday Party

Cooper had a superhero theme party to continue with his Spiderman Halloween theme.

Everyone thought the cutout was of Cooper.  It was actually from his costume package, and it looked exactly like him. The capes were a hit and I even have a photo of one of the dads wearing one (and yes, it is has been passed on to his wife for future blackmail).

Someone got very shy with the birthday cake and singing.

He did cheer up when he realized it was Superman and that there was chocolate underneath.

Cooper finally got a Mini Cooper.

He was making monkey faces.

Aunt L strikes again.  He was a little frightened but intrigued at the same time at the Dancing Mickey. 

So excited ... for clothes.  Thanks to the grandparents and Aunt B for keeping him in clothes that cover those long arms and legs.

He had a great time with friends and family, and ended up finishing up the day with a four hour nap to recover.


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