Saturday, April 30, 2011

And then he crashed.

This picture sums up our lives lately.  We are running around so busy, we just need to crash.  Since we brought Cooper home from the hospital, it has been rare for him to sleep anywhere other than his bed.  Occasionally you would catch him in the stroller or car seat taking a quick nap, but he was never one to crash on the couch or the floor.

On Saturday, we started out at the local herb and vegetable festival before heading to his swim lesson.  Then back home for lunch.  He played in the backyard while I planned the vegetable garden layout.  By that point, we were all beat.  I came in for a short nap, and an hour and a half later I came downstairs to this.  J said he didn't make it through five minutes of TV before he was out. 

We all need that type of crash every now and then.


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