Friday, April 6, 2012

Craft Day

Hold on to your hat because we did a lot on Friday.  So much I needed a nap before lunch.

I missed pictures of the helicopter and paper airplane building and flying lessons (because we slept in, shhh don't tell anyone).

But I did get lots of fun pictures off Easter egg dying.

Grammy is one brave soul.

 Love the concentration here.

 And the multi-colored hands to show off the hard work.

The finished product.

We did take a little break for lunch.

Where Cooper proceeded to eat his weight in veggies and dip.  I'm not complaining.

And then back to craft time ... well Gak time it was.

 Grammy can even direct crafts and talk on the phone ... a great multi-tasker mom.

 Demonstrating the technique.

 "Mommy, this is great."

 Grammy had to get her hands in there too.

And then we spent the rest of the day removing gak from, well, everywhere.

The last project was to make jello bunny rabbits.  And then we had a long, long nap to recover from all this crafting.


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