Sunday, October 7, 2012

Go Heels!

We took Cooper down to Chapel Hill this weekend to see his first football game. And it was J's idea.  Don't tell him, but I saw him cheering for the Heels.  Maybe one day we will fully convert him to a Southerner.

But the purpose of this trip was to indoctrinate the little man.

 He met Ramses.

Got his face painted and ate some pizza in the shade before the game because it was 85 degrees.

 Acted goofy in the stands.

He got to see the Victory Bell up close (a UNC/Duke tradition).

 More goofiness.

 Passed completely out.  I was ready for a nap too.  Way too much cheering but those Heels beat the Hokies 48-34.

 We fed the little guy and then went on the search for the perfect souvenir.

 Our second day in Chapel Hill was 30 degrees colder and rainy, but that didn't stop us from hitting some of my favorite landmarks.  Fifteen painted cows are spread across campus as a benefit to the Children's Hospital as part of Cow Parade.

Looks like I have a bull-headed child.
 Cooper took a Rocky victory lap up the Dean Dome's steps.  I can't wait for him to an experience a game here.

 And our last stop on campus was a visit to the Old Well.

 Love the mischievous guy.

 Hopefully this is the first of many drinks for Cooper. A drink from the Well on the first day of class is for good luck throughout the semester.  A drink on the graduation day is for luck forever.

 And he finally picked his souvenir.  We had a great weekend.

Until next time.  Go Heels!


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