Monday, September 14, 2009

Sick Days with Nana

Cooper was sent home from school last Tuesday with a high fever. Reinforcements were called in and Nana arrived Wednesday afternoon. In usual Cooper style, he didn't look too sick, but definitely was not his normal rambunctious self. After a few days of puzzles, books, Noggin, and lots of cuddles with Nana, he was raring to go back to daycare on Monday.

Watching the Wonder Pets with Myrtle. Yes, he is wearing a Wonder Pets shirt with a cape. He thinks he is quite the stuff with this shirt on.

All the farm animals have reported for duty, and Cooper has accurately identified the correct sounds for each.

Hanging with my best buds, Georgia and Ben. Don't tell Nana I am sitting on the dog beds again. She hates when I do that.

Eating the requisite Jello since I am sick. Let's just say I polished it off.

Again, not looking too sick ... but curled up on the couch in my PJs with a bear and a blanket means something is not quite right.


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