Monday, November 30, 2009

Animals for the Holidays

We traveled down to North Carolina for a little Thanksgiving celebration with family. Who knew we would spend so much of the time with animals. They were everywhere!! Don't say I didn't warn you.

We started out with Cooper getting walked by a very small dog.

Then he spent a little time with a bulldog puppy that wanted to be the baby. How pitiful is that face?

Hanging out in the window with Middi.

Then we visited Crooked Creek Acres, my little sister's mini-farm. Cooper fed the goats and "rode" a donkey.

Cooper wrapped up the weekend spending a little bonding time with Papa and holding Middi. Let's just say that Middi tolerated Cooper amazingly. He spent as much time as possible carrying Middi under one arm. All I can say is that is she is a patient little dog.

We did spend some of the time doing normal Thanksgiving stuff. Lots of time with family, eating great food ... thanks Mom.


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