Tuesday, December 1, 2009

One day at a time & other rambling thoughts

Yes, it's almost a week after the holiday, and I still haven't blogged about our trip to visit my parents. I have lots of adorable pictures, and some quirky stories, but am missing the motivation to blog.

J has done a terrific job getting the outside of the house decorated, so now the tree is on the agenda for this weekend. Hopefully, we will be taking Cooper to the Grand Illumination and the Christmas Parade over the weekend. That is, if the weather and the toddler cooperates.

Speaking of cooperating toddlers, he is testing his limits as any two year old should do. We are seeing crying fits in the car every morning and evening, not the best way to start or the end the workday. Speaking of work, I am moving to a new office this week, so I will post pics of terrific new view shortly.

On a slightly funny note, Cooper is full of new sentences. This morning at 5:45 am it was "I gotta flashlight."

Okay, now hopefully I can find that missing motivation to get those other pics up. Feel free to share some motivation through a comment or two.


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