Sunday, January 3, 2010

Mommy and Cooper Time

A few months ago, J & Cooper visited the Children's Museum and bought a membership.  Between crazy weekends and Cooper's nap time, we haven't had many opportunities to visit again.  I quickly got him ready while J packed a lunch for a little Mommy and Cooper time.

C-mor is set up with mini-exhibit areas.  Cooper just jumped right in.

What's under the hood?

A little grocery shopping.

Stalking through the treehouse.

Water fun. Love the colors.

Digging for dinosaurs.

Then it went a different direction when Cooper found a broom and dustpan.  He felt the exhibit needed a little cleaning.

He polished off the PB&J while enjoying a little sunshine in the lobby.

We had a great, but tiring morning. Next on the agenda, a four hour nap.  When I am going to learn to nap when he does.


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