Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Thrills

Cooper's third Halloween was a success.

 "Where do we go first?  Where are the other kids?  I've got my punkin."

Look at those little buns.  I couldn't resist that one. He did hug most of the people handing out candy while saying thank you.  It was very sweet, and think he made lots of friends with the neighbors.

He did really well, even with a visit to the spooky house on the block.

He made it all the way around the block and even asked to go to a couple more houses.  The mask stayed on except for when he was showing people he was Cooper, not Spiderman, under the costume.  The highlight of his loot was when he got to pick a lollipop.  He asked if he could have it when we got home.  I told him he could pick one piece.  "Mommy, I would like my lollipop."  I have to remember this in ten years when he barely grunts an answer at me.

The lollipop was done (he actually threw part of it away because he was done).  He asked for a couple of pretzels, and then said he needed a "rest."  I would definitely call it a success.


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