Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Ladies Man

J, K, and I took Cooper to O'Toole's tonight for dinner.  We didn't get seated in Cooper's favorite waitress' section, but she did come by the table shortly after to great "Super Cooper."  They have this funny face routine that she does and Cooper falls over himself laughing and flirting with her.

Well, he was on top of his game tonight.  She told him he was a cutie.  With a little prompting from J, Cooper told her she was a hottie.  Then, completely on his own, he leans in and asks her "What's your name?"

Oh boy!

Then he asks her for her digits (with help from Dad).  I am in so much trouble.

By this point, our waitress is standing at the table and Cooper starts flirting with her too.  When they walked away, Cooper asked "Where did my ladies go?"

He did share some hugs and kisses before we left.  Everyone was a smiles, Cooper and his ladies.


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