Saturday, January 8, 2011

Cooper's First Tar Heel Game

I can't believe I hadn't been to a game since college (please no one chime in on how long that has been), and now Cooper is 3 and we hadn't taken him yet.  So, off to Charlottesville we went to hopefully see the Heels beat up on the Hoos.

Still a little on the tired side, but ready to cheer them on.
Yes, our seats were in the nose-bleed section but we actually saw two other couples there that we know from Richmond.

 He was very intent ... on finding the Cavalier mascot.  He must have asked a million times where the guy was.

Yes, Daddy let him have his first funnel cake.  He wasn't too impressed.

Neither were the Tar Heels, but they did eek out a win.

And we made it to the car just in time for a post-game crash.

I will add one more embarrassing story to the mix.  J took him to the bathroom after half-time and they ran into the UVA Dance Team.  I guess one of them waved at Cooper, and he took that as a sign that she was interested.  As they took off down the hall, Cooper started chasing them and telling his "Hotties, please wait."  I am mortified.  His father was very pleased.  And the concessionaire who witnessed it was almost falling over laughing.



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