Sunday, January 16, 2011

Why are your pants off?

Sorry that there aren't any pictures, but maybe you are better off not seeing.

After no nap on Saturday, we sent a very cranky kid to bed early that night.  Usually he will sleep until around 8 am on the weekend, but because he went to  be early, he was up really early.  I helped him go to the bathroom, put his PJs back on, and sent him back to bed until the sun came up.  He seemed to go along with it.

A couple of hours later, J got up so I could sleep in a little.  When he walked into the hallway, he saw Cooper with a bucket, no pants, and he was asking for more water in his bucket.  Oh, no!

J walked into the bathroom with him after seeing there was some water in his bucket.  And his little cleaning sponge was wet too.  J looks around for water somewhere, and he doesn't see anything.  Now Cooper is asking for more water so he can finish the stairs.  What?  The kid had cleaned the stairs with water and a sponge ... starting from the bottom.  Which explained why he was without pants.  They were wet from climbing up the stairs as he cleaned them.   He needed the water so he could finish the second half. 

Yes, he is my child.  And I am praying that he will do a tenth of this cleaning when he grows up.


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