Saturday, September 3, 2011

All I wanted for my birthday

How great is it when you ask for something and you actually get it?  I usually have a horrible time when someone asks me want I want for some upcoming holiday.  This year's birthday was easy.  I happened to mention this in my office the other day, and whalaa, I got it.  And there were cupcakes too.

It has just been that kind of year. But I am optimistic, it will get better.  If all else fails, I can put the sign to use.

Seriously, I did something I never do.  I started out the day with a cupcake.  I figured that it's my birthday.  I'm not getting any younger.  So, why not.

I got an awesome watch from J that does 10 functions I have figured out and 100 more I still have to read about.  And then have Cooper show me how to operate them.  Because you know, the kids have it all figured out no matter how technologically oriented the parents are.  Cooper's present was a fabulous zerbert.

And then AK left work early to take me out to an awesome birthday lunch topped off with a Fe Fi Fo Plum pedicure and a little shopping.  J then whisked me off to a fabulous dinner at Juleps.  He let me sleep in the next morning because I would need it to stay awake to go out with the girls later that night.  Well, actually we just went to a late dinner, so no wild festivities but that's not really my style (extent of my rebellious streak is the cupcake mentioned above).  Glad to have such great friends to celebrate good times.

I will have to remember that every birthday should be celebrated over a long weekend.  And two cupcakes, a slice of s'more cheesecake, and two key lime pie slices split four ways.  Whew, now I really have to put that fancy watch to use.


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