Thursday, September 1, 2011

Evening conversation

As Cooper stopped by the cookie jar on our way of daycare tonight, I told him I might have something better in the car than an animal cracker.

He asked, "Gummy fruits." My response, "Better."

He decided that M&Ms would be better than gummy fruits. I asked him if anything else would be better than M&Ms, and he couldn't come up with anything else. I suggested maybe peanut butter, which he responded that he could "dip the M&Ms into the peanut butter, and that would be yummy."

His next suggestion was a "peanut butter, jelly, chocolate (Nutella) sandwich with M&Ms. That would be super yummy."

He contemplated other versions including broccoli and green beans, but decided only a giant could eat a sandwich that big.

I let him carry in the bag which held cupcakes. He giggled and gave me a sly smile as he dug into a chocolate iced chocolate cupcake. Definitely better than a green bean peanut butter sandwich, in my opinion.


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