Saturday, October 8, 2011

Family Outing - Geocaching

 J had a great idea for a weekend family outing.  We grabbed a map and a GPS, and went on our first geocaching adventure. 

The first cache was awesome ... easy to find, lots of treasures to look through, a book to sign.  Very cool adventure for a little guy.

One of the treasures was a neat little Indiana Jones creature that is traveling all over the world.  He started in France and now lives in his cozy little home here until someone helps him with his next move.  As this was our first cache, we left him for someone else to take on their next adventure.

He was so happy ... hiking boots, backpack, radio, and time with Dad on an adventure.

We couldn't find the next cache because of recent storm damage.  Hopefully, someone who knows about this cache can rescue it from the debrise so the next person can find it.  The next one was proving equally difficult to find until Cooper picked up this mushroom, which I promptly told him to put it down.  That's when J noticed there was something strange about the mushroom.  IT was the cache, and Cooper found it.  The mushroom had a little secret compartment inside with numbers on a piece of paper.  We searched and searched but missed the other two little caches at that site.  There is always another day.  J did some research about what they look like so we will be better prepared for next time.

Taking a rest for his traded treasure from the first cache.  He named him Captain Maco.

A little time spent pretend fishing.  While he was doing that, J & I noticed a woman and her son carrying around the mushroom.  We explained what it was and why it was hidden.  They were intrigued by geocaching and were going to look it up when they got home ... and hopefully put the mushroom back for others to find.

Definitely a fun afternoon adventure for all of us.


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