Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Bloggy blahs

Where have the last few weeks gone?  I was sick for laryngitis for a week (which everyone loved but me), then I traveled to Las Vegas for a week (work conference = double blah).  Yes, I was still sick, but Vegas is just not my place.  At the end of the trip, I did finally have a little time to see the Dancing Fountain at the Bellagio.  And I treated myself to a spa pedicure before I hit the plane back home.  Other than those things, the trip was a ton of meetings and networking.  Rather than Vegas, I almost feel like these conferences should at least be in a boring city so you didn't feel like you were missing something more exciting while sitting inside all day.

Oh well, at least I took some cool pictures.  Maybe just a couple.


 A great dragonberry mojito.

 The tulip garden at the Bellagio.

Hopefully the bloggy blahs are on their way out.  We did get some great news from a dear family member on a healthy prognosis after a year-ling illness.  It helps to have those moments to put things in perspective.


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