Tuesday, July 31, 2012

We hit another milestone

And why are these never positive?

Tonight Cooper was playing with his mini Lego figures.  He is obsessed with these things, which other than the million pieces, I love his imagination with them.  He told me he had to tell me something.  When am I going to learn to whip out the video camera when these confessions occur?

He proceeded to ask me if I remembered that little orange hook that fitted on the mini Lego's hand.  When I said I did, he then said that he no longer could play with it because it was in his tummy.

Oh, help me now. I managed to have the conversation explaining how it would come out with a straight face.  I wish I had a picture of his face.  His eyes were as big as saucers.  At least he swallowed a soft piece that was no more than 1/2 inch long.

When I asked him how and why this happened, he told me he was using a piece's of J's Camelback tubing and was trying to blow the piece out.  Well, that didn't work the way he planned.

I know you are happy there are no pictures for this one.  Wish Cooper luck the next day or so.


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