Monday, March 30, 2009

Not Me Monday in Honor of Stellan

As we are all aware, Not Me! Monday was started by MckMama. "I created Not Me! Monday for the purpose of confessing our shortcomings and imperfections to each other since, after all, we are all only human!" (MckMama's words) Every Monday, you can find more "Not Me! Monday" at her site. However, this week, in honor of her and Baby Stellan, we're doing "Not Me! Monday - Stellan Style!"

Prayers for Stellan

I did not look at Twitter too many times today looking for status updates of the little guy.

I did not pray extra times for a little guy that I don't even know, but has captured my heart by reading his sweet mom's posts that show how much she loves him so.

I did not hug and squeeze Cooper more than usual so grateful for his good health. How easy it is to take for granted those things when you get caught up in life's little moments and annoyances that mean so little.

I did not breathe a big sigh of relief when I "heard" Jennifer's relief through a tweet.

We are praying for all of you.


  1. Thank you for blessing MckMama and Stellan with your NMM!


  2. I know that your prayers are so appreciated! What a sweet little one.


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