Saturday, March 21, 2009

Whose clothes are you wearing?

Okay, thankfully no pictures to post with this one. But sometimes you just have to tell the story.

I walk into daycare Thursday evening. Cooper is standing there in clothes I have never seen before. The shirt is a little too snug ... belly showing. The pants are okay. So, I ask the evening teacher, "What happened?"

Her reply was that he had a little accident. Okay, so why isn't he in his backup clothes. She wasn't sure. After a little looking around, I found the bag with his clothes that he wore to daycare ... slightly stinky. I will let you figure that one out.

So, I asked if there was anything I should know. This is where I am thanking God for the wonderful people that take care of children everywhere.

If you are easily offended or grossed out, this is where you need to stop reading. If you continue to read, you have been warned, but it is awfully funny.

She found Cooper in the corner, pulling poop out of his diaper, and putting handfuls of it on the shelf. Yes, you read correctly. How much trouble am I in if this kid is going to do this?

She did say that he started crying immediately when she saw him. So he knew he was in trouble. He ate dinner in just a diaper because they couldn't find any extra clothes for him. Thank goodness that another parent walked in, and offered her son's extra clothes. I did send him to school on Friday in a one piece outfit ... less access, with two backups. He didn't make it through the day in the same clothes. I have asked that they start using bigger diapers. The problem isn't how big around, it is how tall he is. He ends up with plumber's crack (no offense to the plumbers of the world).

Does this mean he is ready for potty training?

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