Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Does this kid look sick to you?

I got a call around lunch time that Cooper was not feeling well, and that I needed to come get him. I woke him from his nap to take him home. He napped for just a little longer at home, and wild man was back in action. He brushed the dogs, played with legos, read books, and watched the Teletubbies, which he loved. Since he seemed fine, we went out for a cheese quesadilla (one of his favorites), and he proceeded to beg for his normal lime slice and black beans and a side of sour cream. He was a bottomless pit.

We had a great evening with him saying lots of Dada and Daddy. He was so snuggly and wanted lots of hugs at bedtime. Again, is this the face of a sick kid? Maybe he just needed Mommy time. Well, that's my story.



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