Saturday, July 25, 2009

Four Generations and a Donkey

Well, we tried for the perfect family photo when visiting my little sis's "farm". We determined there was no way to get a perfect picture with a toddler and a donkey ... so this is what we got. She currently has four miniature donkeys (two are babies), four goats, and a bulldog. The little guy pictured below is Tardy, her latest addition. He was named that because it took him forever to get here.

They don't say stubborn as a mule for no reason. I won't say which one was stubborn. Actually they were both pretty well-behaved, but we did not get the perfect photo no matter how hard we tried.

Cooper loved feeding cheerios to the donkeys, but didn't want them to eat off his hands. He ended up throwing them instead.

Hope you enjoyed the videos. We had a great time visiting with the family. More pics of the rest of the weekend to follow.

On a parting note ... Cooper was ready to help out. I don't think he quite had the right tools.


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