Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

We had a houseful of family and friends for Christmas this year.  Both sets of Cooper's grandparents and my sister and her husband came for a visit.

 Spreading reindeer food with Dad.

 Making sure he had maximum coverage so the reindeer could find his house.

 Grammy reading the Polar Express to other family members who couldn't be with us.

 Cooper convinced everyone in the room to help him with a very difficult puzzle.  They were happy to pitch in and help the little guy.

 I made everyone take a test play a game to see how many logos they could come up with.

 Cooper putting out his first milk and cookies for Santa.  He chose a decorated Christmas tree from Uncle Dave and a peanut butter blossom.  Luckily Poppa told him to only give Santa a little milk because he couldn't drink too much at one house.

A big squeeze for Mom before he headed off to bed.  Right before he went, we heard jingle bells in the backyard.  This momentarily frightened him, but then he was already to be asleep.  After a reading of Twas the Night Before Christmas from Dad, he was down for the count.


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