Monday, December 20, 2010

Cooper's Christmas List 2010

Cooper thinks he has this all figured out.  Maybe he does, but J and I haven't a clue.

When I picked him up from school, his teacher shared this story with me.  She said she wrote it all down because he was so animated about it.  He was remembering how Santa Poppa showed him the bells from his sleigh with their recent visit.

He has since changed his order to a big box of snowballs, which we neglected to go out and gather after the latest snowfall.  Maybe we can still stick one in the freezer.  But we are stumped on the "Big Daddy Present."  And now another kid in his class wants one too.  I'm sure his parents are very pleased with Cooper.

We had a discussion trying to figure this present out.  He said that it was big and orange, and had a star on it.  Still no clue.  After this went on for several days, I asked him if maybe it was a bike.  His response, "Yeah!" 

We are keeping our fingers crossed.  He said this morning that he wanted lots of presents under his little tree in his room and the big tree downstairs.  either way, all this should be a very interesting Christmas morning.

He has been so funny and animated with all the stories he tells us.  He recently spent part of a snow day playing with Play Dough while reciting the Night Before Christmas with intermingled verses of Jingle Bells.  Cooper also thinks that Santa is coming to put the star on top of our tree.  We are definitely leaving that for a little Christmas magic.

Hope you are having a wonderful time prepping for the family time to come.


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