Saturday, June 18, 2011

Maybe we need a New Cooper

Yesterday morning was one of those mornings. Cooper was up way too late the previous night. We are struggling with getting him to go to sleep. He stays up in his room for hours after we put him to bed.

Anyway, he didn't want to wake up, get dressed, let the dogs out, eat breakfast. Do you see the trend? God bless J for being the one that handles mornings. When I came downstairs, Cooper was sitting on the coach reading a book. He said "Daddy is mad. And I'm mad too." Oh boy!

He did eat something for breakfast, but wanted a cereal bar for the car. I told him he didn't deserve one after the way he behaved this morning. He could have some animal crackers instead. And off we go.

In the car, he told me that once I dropped him off and parked my car that he was going to walk to my car and drive it home so he could get a cereal bar. I reminded him that he didn't deserve it. He thought about this for a few minutes. Then he told me, "Maybe we need a new Cooper."

Now I am trying really hard not to laugh while amazed at his thought process. I asked him if this new Cooper would listen and follow directions better. His response, "Yeah." Then I asked, "But what would we do the old Cooper." His response, "Well he is my brother, so I will tell him what to do."

So far, we are still talking to the new Cooper. Hope he hangs around permanently.


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