Saturday, February 25, 2012

Cooper's First Run

On Saturday, Cooper ran his first one mile fun run and I ran a 5K.  The run was to support a local organization that helps victims of child abuse.

It was FREEZING thanks to the 30 mile an hour winds.  I have never seen people run tilted sideways but that is what we did.

J ran the fun run with Cooper.  He only took three short walk breaks, and finished in 14:01.  He talked about it all day long.  And it didn't hurt that the race finished at Dave and Busters.

We did a photo shoot when we got home when it was a little warmer outside.

And the family that rolls together, stays together.

And he finished with a little Saturday Night Fever before we all crashed.  He slept so hard for three hours, he missed a birthday party.  We must find more races for him if they wear him out like that.


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