Sunday, February 19, 2012

Mummy Time

For the family outing this weekend, we went to check out the Mummy Exhibit on loan from the British Museum.  I was cautious that the 3D movie might be a little frightening for Cooper but he didn't flinch.  Maybe all the 3D at Disney last Spring made him immune.

The video and the exhibit was interesting and nicely done, but now we have one problem.  Cooper thinks all statues have dead people inside of them, even the small figurines.  So as any mother does, she thinks fast.  So, now he thinks they were all action figures.  Good thing they were behind glass so he didn't test my explanation.

We spent some time wondering through the rest of the museum but nothing stood out as being too exciting for him.  The snow started falling while we were inside so that made him a little anxious to get outside.  So we headed to 3 Monkeys for brunch.  I took before and after pictures of him with his enormous Belgian waffle but my phone ate them.

The logical next step is to come home and collapse into a three hour nap.  Which we did.


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