Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patty's Day

I love the age of 3.  Simply because there is lots of magic around.

J was off to work early this morning, so it was up to me get Cooper up and going.  Let's just say he is not the easiest child to get out of bed.  But the morning, he had motivation.  I woke him up telling him that I thought a leprechaun had visited.  He responded with "What's a leprechaun?"  Lucky for us, Grammy had just supplied us with a book with leprechauns on the front cover.  That perked him and he hopped up for the potty (I did spare you any bathroom shots).  He looked at me and really exclaimed, "Mommy, the leprechaun peed in my potty.  Can I pee on top of the leprechaun's pee?"  Absolutely, Cooper.  Who knew a little food coloring could mean so much to a 3 year old?

Then we headed downstairs, and this is what Cooper found.

The green sparkles were a big hit, which we then spread in the yard to extend our good luck.

That silly leprechaun also left him some glow in the dark bugs (I'm sure to scare me in the future), and the movie Shrek (to teach him how to be a large green ogre). 

Hope your day was as fun as ours, and may your luck be good all year long.


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