Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Cooper's Fourth Birthday

We did actually celebrate his birthday on the right day. I am just a little slow in getting it posted.

So Cooper, you are really into 4s on your 4th birthday.  You are 44" tall and 44 lbs.  I've learned to stop asking where you are on the growth chart, well because we all know the answer.  Your eyesight is 20/10, and I am hoping you take after your Dad and stay that way.  You are independent, funny, and stubborn.  We could do with a little less of the third one.  You ask a million questions a day, every day.

Your favorite things right now are: Batman; Spiderman; anything Star Wars, but specifically your Dad's action figures; rocks; transformers; matchbox cars; and always your blankets.  You are ALL boy, but still a great cuddler.  You walk around humming the theme song to Star Wars, which I am so happy about (insert sarcasm) but your Dad just loves.

One of my favorite things that you do is how you say goodbye or goodnight.  Before I leave you at school and after a hug and a kiss and two high fives, you tell me "Make sure you have a great day Mommy."  Just melts my heart.  And before you go to bed, it's always "I love you Mommy.  Make sure you have great dreams."  You are one awesome dude.  Happy 4th Birthday!


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