Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Stay Home Day

It's almost always interesting in our house.

Cooper and I had a "stay home day" as he calls it.  We started the morning out with him telling me to rock the baby.  He then told me to not hold the baby so tight.  Then we had to feed the baby.

Obviously, the baby likes cheerios and craisins and is wearing his Thanksgiving hat.

While I was starting the Thanksgiving cooking, I heard some commotion down the street that Cooper would enjoy.

When I was making dressing, I noticed it was terribly quiet in the house.  And I found this ...

It's already been a long day, and it's not even noon.  After he got this straightened out, I went up in our attic to hunt for some baby items for my little sis.  When I came down, I found this ....

Yes, that is a giant wad of fur on the floor.  Poor Ben, because Cooper tried to vacuum him next.  When will I learn to not leave unsupervised at all times? He eventually took a nap so I was able to accomplish a couple of things.

A dressed turkey, screwed-up mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce made, and another trip to the grocery store for more potatoes later, we both survived the day.

Well, one of us did.  Here's wishing everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving Day tomorrow.


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