Thursday, May 28, 2009

Oh, what a night!

I hate to start out with such a cliche, but have you ever just had one of those days.

Cooper and I got home late from work. Well, he was at daycare, but you know why he was late there. I went upstairs to change and unwind for a minute. J had started dinner and wanted to marinate the chicken like his mom. Go J.

Before I could go back downstairs, I heard the two of them in Cooper's room. On my way that direction, I hear a crash. Cooper had pulled down the shelf over his changing table. J had managed to scoop naked Cooper up from the table right before it hit. So now he is naked and crying because he is scared. I try to take him from J, but J informs me that Cooper has raw chicken juice on him. I decide not to ask ... not yet anyway, and take Cooper to the tub.

I am progressing nicely removing any chicken residue from his hair, hands, etc. J went downstairs to clean up the chicken mess, which happened because the store-brand ziploc (for marinating) did not have a complete seal on the bottom. Chicken slid out on top of slightly underfoot Cooper, and all down the front of J.

Well back to the tub. One of Cooper's latest bath tricks is to hide behind the shower curtain, then cackle hysterically. We were having a fun little game, until he got quiet. Yes, you guessed it. He pooped in the tub ... and I don't mean a little bit. Now, I need to call J for help. In the process of the cleanup, the toilet stops up.

Are you laughing yet?

Okay, toilet unstopped. Naked toddler standing on the rug. Clean the tub. Put naked toddler back in the tub for second bath. J rehangs the shelf over Cooper's table, and changes his chicken covered clothes. We put pjs on the big guy. I read him a story. J finishes cooking dinner.

I am exhausted. And hoping for less laughs tomorrow night. I do have to say that I am surprised how easily both of us handled the mishaps. I started laughing (internally) almost immediately. Didn't want to do it on the outside until I could judge how J was doing. Guess you could say that we are all growing in one way or another.


  1. Okay, I'm laughing. Out loud. And appreciating it 'cause it's 9 pm and I'm at work! Thanks.

  2. glad to know we all have "those days"... TFS


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