Saturday, February 27, 2010

Kid's Expo

Just a few pictures of Cooper at the Kid's Expo.

He was Mr. Shy the first few minutes, but then he found his groove.  They had several of those bounce houses, and he talked a good game about wanting to go in one but wouldn't at the last minute.  We walked around for a little while longer and found another. I went in with him and he was hooked.  Sorry there aren't any pictures on this one but I couldn't see through the netting.  I was afraid we would have a meltdown at the end but he walked out when he was asked to with the biggest grin on his face.

He was enthralled with the soccer station.  No, not with playing with the soccer ball but with cleaning up the cones.  Go figure.  I'm sure if they had a vacuum, he would have finished the cleanup job for them.

He also ran through a couple of agility ladders at the Romp and Roll booth. 

He had a near-miss with Nutzy, the new baseball mascot.  By near-miss, I mean keep that thing away from me.  Check out the link because that thing is scary looking.

All this running around wore him into a four hour nap.  Gotta love these events.


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