Sunday, May 30, 2010

Cousin Time

These two got to spend lots of time together over the Memorial Day Weekend. They got along very well, even with a two year age gap.

Tent time with lots of toys.

Parade time down the lane.

Awww!! They are too cool in their shades.

My how they have changed from their last tubing adventure.

Yum, sorbet pops. I think they are in heaven.

"I wonder what the fairy will do if I ask her nicely," Cooper.

A little TV time before bed all snug in their pjs.

Yes, they are taking a bath in the pool.  That's the great thing about summer.

Watching the bunnies and deer from the front door.  Life is good for these two cousins ... and those of us who are blessed enough to watch them play and grow.


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