Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Nutzy Watch

Papa and I took Cooper to see another baseball game.  He was absolutely enthralled with Nutzy.  Every five seconds, or so it seemed, he asked were Nutzy was.  If Nutzy got close, we told Cooper to wave at him so he would come up and say hi.  Cooper was not so interested in that happening,  He's more of the stalker of the mascot from a far. 

It was also bring your dog to the stadium night, so the dogs all around us kept us entertained.  Papa was sad we didn't bring Myrtle or Mitti, but as owners of larger dogs, I don't even think to travel to events like this with ours.  Next time Papa.

Before we left, I snuck over to the souvenir shop and bought Cooper a Nutzy shirt.  He couldn't get his Wonder Pets shirt off fast enough to put the Nutzy one on.  Very cute.


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