Thursday, May 13, 2010

My ladies

So most of you know I joined a women's running group this spring called Run Like a Mother.  I convinced a few of my friends to join me.  Other than me getting hurt before our race, we had a great time and managed to get in better shape and run a great 10K.

Along the way, we experienced some Cooper funnies.

J has told Cooper since he was born that "Ladies love him.  Other men want to be like him."  Don't ask why because I have no idea.  Must be one of those strange father/son bonding moments.

The Saturday before the race, I took Cooper to cheer on the women in the group for the last training run.  As 25 women start walking down the block to the starting point, Cooper looks at me and says "My ladies, they left me.  My ladies, they run away."  He had this quizzical expression on his face, like how dare they.  Now keep in mind, he only knew 3 of the 25 women.  My ladies, really.

I do understand that he picks up things based on what we say.  A few days later when I took him in to daycare, I asked him if he said good morning to the ladies.  Yes, I know I said "ladies."  So what did Cooper say?  "My ladies, good morning." 

What am I going to do with this kid?  At least he keeps us entertained.


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