Saturday, May 22, 2010

A lake trip without the water

We live near a terrific park that recently underwent a major overhaul of the lake.  Over the years, the lake had been reduced to marshland due to a variety of issues.  The city has restored the lake through tons of dredging and repaired the structures around it (gazebo, walking paths, bridge, etc.).  They hosted a regatta this weekend of canoe, radio controlled boats, and the like.

We missed the boat activity due to naptime, but we still enjoyed the scenery.  These pictures were taken primarily near the overflow area that ends up in the river.  Cooper was enjoying the little waterfall.

And we just beat the rain home.


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  1. Really beautiful scenery. It reminds me a lot of Great Falls, Virginia. Looks like Cooper was enjoying himself too. I take it that he's an Elmo fan? We had an Elmo's favorite fan contest here in Tampa recently and he would have definitely been a good candidate for that contest! :)


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