Saturday, May 1, 2010

A Weekend Day in the Life

Just thought I would share a little peek into a Saturday for us.

I'm up early to join my Run Like A Mother ladies for a "long" run.  I'm still not 100% from the knee/hip injury, so don't ask how long that run was.

J watches Cooper while I am out, and they leave mid-morning to go to swim lessons.  Cooper is doing really well in the water.  I am glad we started him so early.  This picture was taken a few weeks ago.

While they are swimming, I am running around (in the house) with laundry, dusting, and prepping lunch.

They come back from swimming.  We have a quick lunch.  Cooper goes down for a nap, and J starts with lawn duty.

Laundry continues, and I start with vacuuming and mopping.  Cooper wakes up while I am still working, and starts 'helping' me, which now takes twice as long to complete.

J comes in to make some corrections on paper for graduate school.

I jump in the shower, then pack a bag for Cooper.  Off we go to the Squirrels game for the evening.  This was Cooper's first baseball game, and he had a great time.  The mascot is slightly frightening.  It's a flying squirrel called Nutzy.  But Cooper loved him, at least from several hundred feet away.  He was yelling, "Nutzy look at me.  I'm up here."  Then to me, "He can't hear me Mommy."  Nutzy was his favorite part of the entire evening.

He enjoyed his time in the stands ... but he did feel they needed a little cleaning.  It's never dull with that kid.

He did great at the game, and we headed home.  Pajamas on, teeth brushed, and the best part of the entire day continued.  Cooper used the potty every time he needed to go today.  Go Cooper.  He fought going into the bathroom a few times, but once he got there, we were all good.  Keep your fingers crossed that this pattern continues.

I've uploaded & edited pictures while the laundry is still going.  How can we have this much laundry?  So now it's 10:55, and I still haven't made it to the grocery store yet.  Good thing there is one more day to the weekend.

How is your weekend going?



  1. oh my, he is so adorable! Something about pics of boys at baseball games, just something special about that!

    way to go on the running! I keep telling myself I need to start running, and then I talk myself out of it and walk instead...sigh.

  2. Thanks for the comments. I joined a running group called "Run Like a Mother", and it has been a great motivator.


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