Saturday, December 26, 2009

Making sense of things

Okay, my happy-go-lucky, excellent sleeper, and normally "normal" toddler has been anything but normal since he came home on Wednesday. He has slept in two-hour fits and waking up screaming for the last three nights. We are all sleep-deprived, and having flashbacks to his newborn days, and even those weren't this bad.

When I picked him up on Wednesday, he told me his teeth hurt and pointed to his molars. His 2 year molars had already broken through, so I thought maybe they were dropping the rest of the way and causing him pain. We gave him some ibuprofen and just let him be cranky. His eating has been off lately, but we were attributing that to normal toddler patterns.

Well, all that changed this morning. He told me his mouth hurt and pointed down his throat. Meanwhile, I had been checking his ears to make sure the tubes were doing their jobs. Take a close peak at his tongue (and ignore the smile because it didn't last long).

Yes, that is almost a white tongue and throat.  So, off to Patient First we go for some antibiotics.

After a nap and the medicine, he was happy to play his MP3 player.  A 2 year old with a MP3 player.  He is very technologically advanced.

That smile is the real deal.  I only wish we had known what the real problem was much sooner.  Maybe next time.


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