Sunday, December 11, 2011

Gynmast in the making

Cooper had a great time at his favorite girl's birthday party.  He and Bella were in the same daycare for almost their first four years.  She just recently moved to another daycare, and he misses her terribly.  Even before I said something about her birthday, we were in a store and he was adamant that we needed to buy her a card.  He picked out a Disney princess one that she could color because "she's my princess, mommy."  He even drew a picture of her in the card.

They had a party at a local gym where the kids went through an obstacle course, ran down a trampoline runway, jumped in a foam pit and on a big trampoline.  He loved spending time with her.

He does follow directions every once in a while.  I have proof.

Happy 4th Birthday Bella!


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