Saturday, December 24, 2011

Advent Calendar

I wasn't as good this year taking pictures of Cooper with his Advent Calendar.  I will say the first day was a funny one.  The night before, he was a terror from the time I picked him up from daycare.  It was so bad, I sent him straight up to bed as soon as we got home.  I almost forgot to put out the calendar, which Grammy buys and wraps all the presents and leaves for me (Thank you Grammy).  It gets harder ever year to find things small enough to fit in the little squares, so I end up numbering some of the presents and he has to match them up from a basket.  For the first day, I made sure one fits in the square since I wasn't sure how much he remembered from the year before.

The next morning, he was very excited to hear that he could open up a present.  He tore into the little package, and found a rock.  He looked at me and AK and asked if it really was a rock.  We told him yes, and AK told him maybe coal was next if he kept up last night's act.  Unfortunately, he has no idea what coal is and being a four year-old boy, he was happy to get a rock.  Actually, it was geode.

Good thing he got those safety glasses with his birthday chainsaw.

The other thing he has been fascinated with this year is snowglobes.  Whenever we see one, he has asked if he could have one.  I suggested that he ask Santa.

He was very excited to find this Nativity one in his Advent Calendar.

I have seen several neat ideas from other bloggers where they put family activity ideas into their calendars.  Hopefully, next year with be uneventful enough for us to incorporate that into the calendar.


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